with a long tradition

In addition to producing the world-famous Niederegger marzipan, Johann Georg Niederegger put his confectionery skills to the manufacture of exquisite nougat.
To this day, Niederegger nougat is known for its creamy, melt-in-the-mouth consistency and intense flavour.

The aromatic hazelnuts used in the manufacture of our nougat confectionery are imported to Germany in the form of whole nuts; they are then freshly roasted and turned into hazelnut paste. The delicate consistency is achieved by refining the paste and then conching it by means of special manufacturing processes.


Smooth, creamy nut nougat made from exquisite hazelnuts


Smooth nougat blended with cream


Exquisite nut nougat with crunchy cashew fragments

Layered nougat

Smooth nut nougat meets fine cream nougat

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