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  • Questions about products

    How is marzipan best stored?
    Ideally, Niederegger products should be stored in a cool, dry place at a temperature of 16 – 18 degrees Celsius.

    Which products are gluten or lactose-free? 
    Our gluten-free products and lactose-free products are listed here.

    Which products are suitable for vegans? 
    Our vegan products include all white loaves, our Classic confectionery range without chocolate, and marzipan balls. 

    Where can I find information about nutritional values? 
    You can see the nutritional values of the individual products by clicking on the desired items in our online shop.

    When do Christmas and Easter products come available?
    Christmas products can be delivered as from 1st September. However, Advent calendars are not available until 1st October. Our Easter products come available on 1st March.

    Which Niederegger products are alcohol-free?
    Our pure Niederegger nougat products are entirely free of alcohol.

    Does Niederegger marzipan always contain alcohol?
    Yes. The alcohol content of our raw marzipan mixture is less than 1% on manufacture and decreases further during storage. This percentage conforms with the permissible levels for products such as apple juice, kefir, sauerkraut or alcohol-free beer. Many everyday products contain alcohol; 1 kg of bananas, for example, contains 6 g of alcohol. Alcohol is also produced by yeast in the bread manufacturing process when slackening the dough; normal mixed-grain bread contains between 2–4 g of alcohol per kg.

    Which Niederegger are kosher?
    Our kosher certificated products are listed here.


  • General questions

    Is it possible to view the production facility?
    Unfortunately, for reasons of hygiene, we are unable to offer guided tours of the factory. In our Marzipan Salon in Breite Strasse, you can learn about the long journey from the almond to the marzipan speciality.

    Further special offers available at our café in Breite Strasse can be found here.

    Does Niederegger send out product samples?
    In the interests of ensuring that all our customers are treated equally, we have decided not to send out product samples.

    Who should I contact if I have a complaint?
    Please contact our Customer Service Team:

    Tel.: 0451/ 5301-0
    Mon – Thurs: 8.30 am – 4.30 pm
    Fri: 8.30 am – 3 pm

    How can I obtain the latest catalogue including a price list?
    Please contact our Customer Service Team:

    Tel.: 0451/ 5301-0
    Mon – Thurs: 8.30 am – 4.30 pm
    Fri: 8.30 am – 3 pm

  • Café Niederegger

    What are the café opening hours?
    Please click here to see the opening hours of the individual cafés.

    How do I book a table?
    Please click here to book online. Alternatively, you can book by phone on 0451 / 5301 - 126/127 or by email to

    Is there a marzipan museum?
    The Marzipan Salon on the 2nd floor of the original Niederegger building (Breite Strasse 89) was turned into a museum in 1999.

    What can visitors see there?
    The Marzipan Salon retraces the centuries-long journey of the almond-based speciality from its Oriental origins to the Hanseatic town of Lübeck on the River Trave. It also features twelve life-sized statues of famous marzipan fans from different eras.

  • Facts & figures

    What do the letters J.G. in the company name stand for?
    These letters are the initials of Niederegger’s founder, Johann Georg.

    When was Niederegger founded?
    Niederegger was founded in 1806, at a time of economic strife, as Lübeck had just been occupied by the French.

    What is meant by 100% raw marzipan quality?
    100% raw marzipan quality means that marzipan with a sugar content corresponding to that of raw marzipan has been used, i.e. no extra sugar has been added over and above the 35% normally contained in raw marzipan.

    What is Niederegger marzipan?
    Niederegger marzipan consists of 100% raw marzipan mixture and 0% added sugar.

    The raw Lübecker marzipan mixture and other types of marzipan contain sugar, and further sugar is often added in the manufacturing process. Although NIEDEREGGER raw marzipan mixture contains the legally prescribed amount of sugar, no extra sugar is added in the marzipan manufacturing process.

    What does Niederegger marzipan consist of?
    The ingredients are aromatic premium-quality almonds, sugar and a little in-house secret (formerly rosewater). Depending on the variety, we also add chocolate, fine butter, cream, natural aromas, fresh pistachio kernels and natural fruit pulp.

    What is Lübecker marzipan?
    Lübecker marzipan consists of 70% raw marzipan mixture to 30% sugar and hence conforms with what is commonly known in Germany as “Edelmarzipan” (luxury marzipan).

    What is “Edelmarzipan” (luxury marzipan)?
    “Edelmarzipan” also consists of 70% raw marzipan mixture to 30% sugar.

    What is “Lübecker Edelmarzipan” (Lübecker luxury marzipan)?
    “Lübecker Edelmarzipan” consists of 90% raw marzipan mixture to 10% sugar.