With love

We love Chocolate invites you to discover chocolate in a new way. 

In our new chocolate creations we combine exquisite ingredients in a shell of crunchy milk or dark chocolate with melt-in-the-mouth chocolate fillings. We use a particularly high proportion of cocoa butter for an intense chocolate pleasure. We completely dispense with the addition of palm fat and artificial flavors.

Pink Berry

Creamy and fruity: milk chocolate with raspberry and cocoa cream filling

Liquorice Crush

Excitingly different: dark chocolate with liquorice milk cream filling

Black & White

Rich in contrast: dark chocolate filled with cocoa cream and white chocolate chips

Double Choc

Dark and crunchy: dark chocolate with cocoa cream filling and chocolate chips

Toffee Crunch

Cream: Milk chocolate with toffee crunch cocoa cream filling

Coffee Crisp

Deliciously tart: milk chocolate with coffee-cocoa cream filling

Crispy Waffel

Seductively crunchy: milk chocolate with waffle cocoa cream filling

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