of the finest quality

At our family-run business, the secret of Niederegger marzipan is handed down from one generation to the next.

Aromatic premium-quality almonds are the most important raw ingredient in the production of Niederegger marzipan. Kissed by the sun, our almonds have a characteristic sweet nutty flavour.

For generations, we have been heating the almond mixture in roasting boilers over an open fire. This method releases the unique aroma for which our marzipan is famous the world over.


Tangy espresso with fine marzipan coated in dark chocolate

Whole milk

Classic Niederegger marzipan coated in fine whole milk chocolate


Enriched with little pieces of plum and brandy


Classic Niederegger marzipan coated in crisp dark chocolate


Fruity orange marzipan smothered in dark chocolate


Exotic pineapple marzipan smothered in dark chocolate

Rum cracknel

With crunchy cracknel and exquisite rum smothered in whole milk chocolate

Mirabelle Plum Brandy

Marzipan steeped in fine Mirabelle plum brandy and coated in dark chocolate

Apple Calvados

Marzipan steeped in refreshing apple calvados and coated in whole milk chocolate


Pistachio marzipan smothered in dark chocolate

Vorherige Einträge
Nächste Einträge


My name is Johann Georg Niederegger. And this is the history of marzipan. I want to recount it for the benefit of anyone who may be interested. It is common knowledge that the mouthwatering delicacy we call marzipan originates from the Orient.

The world’s almond and sugar-growing countries are where it was invented. The Persian physician Rhazes, who lived from 850 to 923, wrote a book extolling the almond and sugar mixture as a remedy for illnesses.